Kerala is one of the most romantic, peaceful, paradise nature place. Kerala which is known as God’s Own Country is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Southern India. Kerala is an ideal tourist spot for all kinds of travelers because it satisfies the people with different options like village tourism, spice plantations visits, coconut tree climbing, beach tourism, houseboat rides, and houseboat stay in famous backwaters, elephant rides and unique festivals and dishes attracts tourists from all over the world. Kerala is expensive as well as a cheap destination that depends on one’s budget. It has all sort of accommodations for everyone whether a rich or poor, whether on budget tour or luxury tour. Kerala is full of world-class accommodations and amenities. Even if you don’t have much budget, you can still visit Kerala. .When most of the travelers spend more on exploring nature and natural beauty well-explored destinations most of the offbeat destinations in Kerala are places that could be explored under very cheap travel cost. In addition, there are a number of travel operators like Gogeo holidays offering cheapest Kerala tour packages to some of the best travel destinations in Kerala allowing the tourist from around the world to explore and experience the rich nature in the land. Apart from the affordable package cost, there are a number of things that the travelers could do to reduce the travel expenses to a greater extent like those listed below.


kerala tour packages

Transportation modes play an important role in the cost of the trip. Most travelers choose to travel via flight or train whereas there are travelers who choose the roadways to make the trip more cost effective. For overseas travelers, it would be best to travel via a flight. The price of flights would very time to time depending on the month, the day or even the time of the travel. Choose to travel at times when the flight rates are low. And it could be best to book a ticket in advance so that you would get the tickets at a lower rate comparatively. You can even choose to travel during weekdays as it could make a huge difference in the flight ticket rates. Whereas domestic travelers could choose railways or roadways depending on the distance to be covered and the transportation cost. For travelers within Kerala, it would be best to choose road trips as it would offer you a different and most unique experience of the place.


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Kerala offers travelers with a number of fascinating options for accommodation which are cheap and affordable There are a number of homestay options which is offered at a very low rate. For travelers who wish to enjoy the best budget stay in a friendly and lively environment homestays in Kerala is one of the best options.


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The food is not that much costly in Kerala. It mainly depends on the hotel you choose and what you want to eat. The main food in Kerala for lunch is Rice, in the north called chaval. It will be served with Sambar or Fish curry. It costs from Rs 30 to 100. You can have a decent lunch for Rs 50. Ask the locals about the best restaurants at an affordable rate, the best coffee shops, etc. And also get on the road to have from the Dhabhas and such local options. In addition, this is one of the best ways where you could explore the real taste of the land.


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Cost of these items would be very high in the travel destinations as compared to those you could get in cities. In such cases, it would be best to avoid shopping from travel destinations or you could get the same from the cities at cheaper rates.



Travel rates to Kerala would differ depending on the season. For travelers who wish to travel in low rates could choose to trip during the off seasons so as to get traveling tickets at lower rates. Traveling to Kerala during the festive season would be very costly as compared to the other days. So it would be best to choose offseason for holiday trips to Kerala for lower flight ticket rates.



Places like Munnar, Alleppey, and Wayanad are destinations with great natural beauty and different unique attractions that fascinates travelers from around the world. Being some of the cheapest travel destinations these places are a prominent destination in most travel packages organized to Kerala. Travelers can even choose to explore the different offbeat destination of the state so as to have a different and very unique experience of the land. Kerala has come up with a number of enchanting destinations which could be called the hideouts from the modern world. Most of the offbeat travel destinations in Kerala are very rich in natural beauty and potential which at present is being wasted. The Kerala tourism department is organizing a number of projects to develop and promote some of the best offbeat travel destinations. In addition, a number of cheap packages are also organized to the place allowing the travelers to explore the scenic natural beauty of Kerala under cheap and affordable rates.

Listed below are some of the best offbeat travel destinations in Kerala which one could explore in very cheap travel rates:


kattapana tour

It is a small municipality town in the Idukki district of Kerala, Kattappana is a place apt for a natural escape.


gavi tour

The rich greenery of the place and the climate is the one main attraction in the land. A trip to Gavi would be one of the best trips for travelers who wish to escape from the hurry-berry lifestyle of the city. Wildlife, forest and a wider range of wildlife are all the main attraction of the area.

Travelers will have to plan the trip in one of the best cost-effective ways. It would take great effort. The best way is to take a good Kerala tour package from a good travel operator. With the best accommodation, transportation modes and fascinating attractions the travel destinations, Kerala is one of the best destinations in Southern India.

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