Kerala the Food Paradise – The Best Destination to go for a Gastronomic Joyride

Are you a food lover who travels to different states, visiting different cities and exploring the flavours of the land? Now with the increasing demand for tourism, there are a number of travellers visiting different states mainly to explore the flavours of the land. In India, Kerala is a state to the southern tip which is better known among the food lovers as the land of flavours and spices. Kerala is not a destination that emerged to be one of the best tourist destinations in the country due to the presence of natural beauty and habitats alone. The state is known for the presence of a number of tourist attractions like nature, wildlife, vegetation, customs and culture, monuments and much more. Now with a changing trend in tourism and the fields of tourism, food travels are becoming more common and noticeable. Kerala could be suggested as one of the best destinations for food travels or travellers who loved the flavours and wish to explore the one to the south of the country. Even with the travel operators offering tour packages with high rates, there are a number of food lovers visiting Kerala to taste the flavours and the spices of the land. One of the main mistakes most travellers make while tripping to Kerala is that they do not dig for more tour operators like Seasonzindia who would provide the travellers with the best affordable tour packages to Kerala. Due to the high travel rates of packages to Kerala, there was a rapid decrease in the rate at which tourist visit the state last year. Giving more importance to this problem a number of Kerala tourism packages are organised by the tourism department of the state with price affordable by the travellers both domestic and foreign. Food lovers who visit Kerala will have a wide variety of flavours and taste to choose from. Some of the best food combinations in Kerala and the best places to eat are listed below.





Puttu is one of the favourite dishes in Kerala which was mentioned by the national geographic traveller as world’s best breakfast. The dish is included even in cheap tour packages to Kerala so as to allow the travellers to experience the flavours of the land without wandering in different restaurants. This dish made with rice powders are mostly had with the combination of banana, pappad or Kadala curry. Yet there are weird and wild combinations which are most loved by the younger generation in the state. Some of such combinations in the land include beef and puttu, chicken gravy and puttu and fish curry with puttu. One of the best and most known destinations from where you could have a verity of combinations of puttu is the restaurant in Edappally named dhe puttu. The place is owned by a Malayalam actor Dileep, this is one of the best night restaurants in Ernakulam from where you could have the best taste of the traditional food in Kerala with unique and modern combinations under budget rates. One of the combinations of puttu available in the place is the one with prawns. This restaurant is one of the best choices for people who wish to have varieties of puttu which are less expensive with better quality.


Malabar Biriyani



India is a country with a number of Biriyani huts and restaurants which serves the best Biriyani in the area. Even with a number of states in the country having Biriyani as a common dish, the flavours, colour and the smell of the Malabar Biriyani available in Kerala is mouth-watering. The dish is so demanding that it is mostly included in the budget tour packages with a stay in the cities like Kozhikode, Malappuram, and Thalassery to Kasargod of Kerala as this is one of the special in the cities. One of the main specialities of this Malabar Biriyani available in Kerala is the fact that the special recipe of this dish prepared in Kerala has crossed generations. In short, the taste and flavours of this colourful dish is something that would take you back to the old taste of Kerala. This yummy Biriyani from Malabar is not something very spicy but would be garnished with some chillies and an egg. One of the best destinations where you could have a taste of this dish is at the Mahal Food’s Biriyani Hut located at Kollam. This is one of the best places in Kollam from where you could have a stomach full at cheap rates. The place could be better said as one of the most inexpensive centres of flavours.


Kerala Fish curry

fish curry


The Kerala fish curry is nothing but a basic fish curry recipe, what makes this normal curry special is the flavours which are used in the recipe, like the coconut and the coconut milk. It is one of the main ingredients in Kerala, mainly is backwater destinations which brings out the true flavour of the place. Kerala fish curry is something very important in most budget houseboat packages as this is one of the traditional tastes of Kerala. This traditional Kerala food is something which one could have with any main course food. One of the best and major combinations of this curry is with rice or with puttu. Apart from coconut some of the main ingredients used in the curry which makes it the best in the land are the mix of onion, green chillies, tomatoes, garlic and many such natural ingredients. One of the best destinations in Kerala where you could have a taste of this mouth-watering dish is at the local toddy houses. Most of the toddy shops better known as the Kallu shapp in Kerala is one of the best destinations in the state from where you get the best fish curry.


Naadan Beef Fry

beef fry


Beef fry cooked in Kerala style is one of the most popular most demanding dishes in Kerala. This dish is commonly available in most restaurants of Kerala. One of the main ingredients in this dish that makes it favourable and tastier is the mix of coconut with onion and other ingredients like curry leaves, ginger-garlic paste, and coconut and mustard seeds. The dark colour of the dish exhibits the flavours which could be brought out from the tender beef. One of the best combinations of beef is with the Kerala Porota. To explore the true flavour and taste of both the porota and the dry beef curry one should definitely have it together. In Kerala one of the best destinations were you could experience this taste is at the Ceylon bakehouse at Ernakulam. The place offers the best-flavoured beef dry fry, which one could have with the Kerala porota to know the true taste.





Kabsa could be better explained as the recent favourites of the youngsters in Kerala. The main ingredients of the food are chicken stock with rice and a mix of flavoured powders and spices. This Masala dish is mostly had with salad or chutney. One of the main factors that bring about taste and flavours to this food is its unique Kabsa mix. This is similar to Biriyani but different in some way. The only destination in Kerala from where you could have the dish is at the Ifthar hotel which is located in almost all cities of the state.


The travellers visiting Kerala are not just fascinated with the destinations and attraction of the state but are also fascinated with the taste and flavours of the land. Apart from the travellers who visit Kerala to explore the wonders of the land a number of food lovers too visit the state just to explore the flavours. Most foreign travellers visiting Kerala by availing different budget tour packages are here not just to visit the destinations or to enjoy the vegetative and monumental wonders of the land but to explore the true taste of the state. Travellers who are visiting Kerala with an intention to explore the flavoured wonders of the land above given are the best dishes and the most rated destination in Kerala.


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