Kerala, the Land Manifesting the Untamed Elegance of the South

Honeymoon is the time for small pay-checks and big memories. Most of the newlywed couples prefer to make this memory of their special days more happening and lively by travelling to different places of interest. To the south most tip of India, Kerala is one such travel destination that is referred to as the couple’s paradise by travellers from around the world. The pristine beauty of nature that the place holds in and the climatic condition that is prevailing in the land are all the main element of attraction in the place. Exhibiting the pristine beauty of nature, this state has been my personal favourite and my honeymoon destination. The honeymoon destinations in Kerala have offered me with some of the best memories that I have cherished all along. On our honeymoon, I with my husband have travelled to Kerala availing one of the best honeymoon packages to Kerala that was offered by Gogeo Holidays which according to me is the best travel partners in the state. The travel packages that we availed did not include the flight charges and thus we were on our own until we reach the Kochi international airport. As we travelled during the off-season the travel package rate and the ticket rates were comparatively less. According to my personal opinion, it would be best to include your flight tickets with the travel packages so that you could travel tension free. The travel package that we chose actually includes the best and the most explored travel destination in the state. But if it is to enjoy the best of the true nature and charm of the state by being with each other in privacy, I would say that the off-beat travel destinations in the state would be the best place that you should explore. Listed below are some of the best and must visit honeymoon destinations in Kerala that are least explored by the couples visiting the land.

Vagamon, the Valley Filled with the Best of Nature


Surrounded by the three beautiful hill stations named, Thangal, Murugan and Kurishumala, the rich green valleys of Vagamon is one of the most fascinating off-beat honeymoon destinations in Kerala that offers the travellers visiting with the best peaceful ambience and feeling of being away from the population and the rushed civilisation. Exhibiting the true beauty of pine forest, orchids and meadows this astonishing hill station is best explored with your loved one. Enjoy the trekking experience through the valleys in the place enjoying the sight of buffalo and elephants bathing in the small water bodies at Vagamon. The place holds in a number of best travel destinations that one could explore while tripping to this fascinating hill station with their loved one. Being a place offering the best privacy for the couples, the hill stations of Vagamon is mostly visited by honeymooners who are in seek of nature. Some of the best travel destinations in Vagamon best explored by the honeymoon couples are Suicide Point, Echo Point, Marmala Waterfalls, Vagamon Hills, and Kurishumala Church.

Varkala Beach, the Water Lover’s Paradise


Resting along the edges of the cliffs, Varkala is one of the next offbeat travel destination in Kerala that the honeymoon couples love exploring. The place has a naturally beautiful setting making the Varkala beach one of the most known travel destinations in Kerala. The honeymoon couples visiting the place could simply wander around the sandy shorelines exploring the best of the nature, the flora and the fauna at the place. The beauty of the sunset that the place exhibits is something great and very unique. Most of the honeymoon travellers tripping to the place are awestruck by the beauty that the Varkala beach has to offer to the travellers. The place also offers the honeymoon couples with a number of best adventures that they would love exploring, boating is one of the main adventure option offered to the travellers at the place. Offering travellers with the best of the beauty of nature, the Varkala beach is one of the main travels hubs for the honeymooner who is in search of serenity.

Trivandrum, the Capital City


Located to the tip of Kerala, Trivandrum, better known as Thiruvananthapuram, is the capital city that fascinates the travellers with the immense beauty that the place holds in. Being a capital city, the place not only home to different travel destinations and attractions but also holds in some of the best government institutions and buildings with political and administrative importance. The city is one of the top honeymoon destinations in Kerala that offers travellers with a blend of natural beauty and architectural excellence. Named after Lord Vishnu, this fascinating travel destination holds in one of the best known religious destination in the land, the Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple. Being a city that exhibits the blend of every bit of attraction starting from the historic landmarks, wooded highlands, the fascinating beach destinations to the cultural extravaganza Trivandrum is a literal traveller’s paradise that is worth exploring by the tourist from around the world. The Dowdier Palace and the Valiathura Beach are the two other main attractions in the city that serves to be the best travel destination for honeymoon couples.

Kuttikanam, Exhibiting Nature’s Splendour


Mostly filled with the rich beauty of fancy plantations and great greenery in nature, Kuttikanam is one of the most fascinating travel destinations it best serves to be the honeymooner’s paradise that is least explored by the travellers. Being a place that is blessed with the wider verity of flora and fauna, the place is one of the best explored by the nature lovers, the nature explorers, bird watchers, adventure enthusiasts and more. There are a number of places at Kuttikanam that the honeymoon travellers would love exploring like the Pattumala Velamkanni Matha Church, the Parunthumpara Hill View Point, the Valanjamkanam Water Falls and many more such travel spots. The best time to travel to this fascinating tourist destination is during the month of October to February when the climate so cool and enjoyable at the place.

Palakkad, the Granary of Kerala


This fascinating travel destination located not too far from the western ghats of Kerala is one of the most known among the tourist visiting the place. A number of holiday trips are being organised to this fascinating tourist spot in Kerala which is home to lush greenery, cool and clear streams of waters, and the Western Ghats hillocks. Moreover, the travellers get to explore the rich heritage of Kerala that is being well preserved by the state. The travel destinations in Palakkad is said to be one of the most fascinating travel destinations that offer the honeymooners with the best of a romantic experience in the land. The place holds in a number of travel attractions which includes the Palakkad Fort, Jainimedu Temple, Anaikatti, The Pinewood cottages, Dhoni Waterfalls and many more.

If it is to enjoy the best of the beauty and the charm of the state, it is always the best to explore the least travelled tourist destinations in the land that would manifest the virgin beauty of nature. Offering the honeymoon couples with a list of such off-beat couple’s spot Kerala offers the honeymooners with a new set of memories and experience worth cherishing.

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